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The oncology appointment is set for Valentine’s Day. It is a consultation. As of right now, the amputation removed all traces of Selina’s cancer. However, because of her age and how aggressive the sarcoma, it was recommended we follow up, so we are. I know that cancers act differently and it will be a waiting game, to some extent. Having kids and pets and teaching, I have to be patient. However, there are many times I don’t want to be!  This is definitely one of them! I just want my silly, fun loving kitty to have a final clean bill of health!

My scab is getting better, can this cone come off yet?

Author: catwoman

We adopted Selina Kyle (AKA Cat Woman) when she was 8 weeks old, but we met her at our neigbors's house when she was about 3 weeks old. They are fosters for the local SPCA. She was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma about a week and half after she started to limp and surgery was performed that day.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Appointment”

  1. We are rooting for that “A+” report card too! And although I can’t predict the future, based on what I’ve seen here, Selina is very likely going to put all this behind her for good. We are keeping our paws and fingers crossed for a great visit this week.

    P.S. Selina, will you be my Valentine? Cause you stole my heart!

    1. When Selina was a tiny kitten, my friend was her foster. He would send me pictures often because he knew I was smitten. I HAD to have her! Her eyes are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for noticing 😉

  2. Selina, dear sweet Selina. You are strikingly beautiful! Those eyes, oh my goodness, so pretty!!

    We’re all cheering for you for a good check-up. After all, it would ge a very nice present to yourself for Valentine’s Day❤❤❤

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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