One year post-op

It’s been one year today since Selina had her surgery to remove her rear right leg and she remains CANCER-FREE!  We have continued with follow-ups (as often as we could) and her next one is in March. Although we work to help her lose weight, she continues to love her food and her weight has not changed. So far the doctors (oncologist and her regular vet) are fine that she has been “ridiculously stable” for the past year.

The girls


She jumps and runs and tries to play with the other cat (the other cat just looks at her like she is a nut). She is a sweetie and whenever it’s time to go for a checkup, they all fall in love with her, which is great, because she has broken my heart during the car ride over. She never enjoyed car rides, but in the last year she has gotten MUCH more vocal about about her displeasure of being cooped up. Ultimately, I know the reason she is going is for the best. We need to know she continues to have a good prognosis.

Selina has had another birthday and is now 3. She has confidence and doesn’t even notice that she only has three legs. Recently, I was playing with her and “Across the Universe” by The Beatles came on. The lyrics very much hit me: “Pools of sorrow, waves of joy / Are drifting through my open mind… Nothing’s gonna change my world.” While my world felt flipped upside down, and bills grew, and concerns of her well-being never fully settled, look at her: she hasn’t changed. She is the same silly, goofy, loving, sweet, mischievous, girl we fell in love with when we met her as a tiny kitten. In her eyes, nothing has changed. So with “Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns / And calls me on and on across the  universe”

Bird Watching

Oncology Report

On Thursday, my husband took Selina to the oncologist. Apparently the techs all had to come into the room because there was word there was an adorable kitty in the house.  She purred when the techs and doc came in. She is such an easy going little lady. But enough small talk!  The oncologist is not recommending any chemo as the cancer is gone!  The surgeon was not sure if that would be a possibility, so had prepared us for that option.  Howver, she did notice that her thyroid has a small slip which she has some cocern over. She did say that might be as a result of major changes in Selina’s life over the last month, so its something to monitor. The other thing to monitor is the reoccurance of cancer. So she will have chest xrays every three months for the next year. If it continues to stay clear, we can bump the time frame to 4-6 months.

The doctor did stress to my husband that the osteosarcoma has shortened Selina’s life expectacy. While I think I knew that, I didn’t want to hear it. And I still don’t. One thing I have learned and was reminded from this site is that we honestly never know what will happen and we need to live each day to its fullest. They say cats have nine lives, and she may have used one up, but she still has 8 left! We will be pawsative and she will keep kicking with her good back leg!

Upcoming Appointment

The oncology appointment is set for Valentine’s Day. It is a consultation. As of right now, the amputation removed all traces of Selina’s cancer. However, because of her age and how aggressive the sarcoma, it was recommended we follow up, so we are. I know that cancers act differently and it will be a waiting game, to some extent. Having kids and pets and teaching, I have to be patient. However, there are many times I don’t want to be!  This is definitely one of them! I just want my silly, fun loving kitty to have a final clean bill of health!

My scab is getting better, can this cone come off yet?

The Beginning of our Journey

On January 16th, I took Selina in to our vet because she had been limping for about 4 or 5 days. It hadn’t been any longer, but it wasn’t getting better. We were concerned she had a sprain and wanted to get it checked out.  As soon as our vet felt her leg, she knew it wasn’t a sprain, and took an xray. I was given the news that the only way to save Selina’s life was amputation, and I was referred to a surgeon. Whatever what causing the issue in her leg had deterriorated the bone rapidly, and we were to basically keep her “grounded.” Her name is Catwoman! She heard that she was not allowed to climb or jump, and while she hadn’t done either in several days, as soon as we got home, she went upstairs, and climbed up the climber before I could remove it! It was removed, and she pouted. Surgury was scheduled for January 21st, as a tumor was confirmed.

Surgery went great!  The tumor had destroyed her tibia, so she had been hobbling on her fibula.

Yesterday, we got her stitches removed, but there is still some scabbing, so she is still has to wear her cone. We also got the results from the biopsy. It was a very aggressive form of osteosarcoma. However, there is no sign of any spreading!  The surgeon’s concern is that Selina is the youngest cat she has seen with osteosarcoma, and with it being so aggressive, her suggestion is to follow up with an oncologist, just to have everything check out. So, we last night we breathed a sigh of relief that our fur baby is cancer free! But, I do have a call into the oncologist so we can keep working on her healing.