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On Thursday, my husband took Selina to the oncologist. Apparently the techs all had to come into the room because there was word there was an adorable kitty in the house.  She purred when the techs and doc came in. She is such an easy going little lady. But enough small talk!  The oncologist is not recommending any chemo as the cancer is gone!  The surgeon was not sure if that would be a possibility, so had prepared us for that option.  Howver, she did notice that her thyroid has a small slip which she has some cocern over. She did say that might be as a result of major changes in Selina’s life over the last month, so its something to monitor. The other thing to monitor is the reoccurance of cancer. So she will have chest xrays every three months for the next year. If it continues to stay clear, we can bump the time frame to 4-6 months.

The doctor did stress to my husband that the osteosarcoma has shortened Selina’s life expectacy. While I think I knew that, I didn’t want to hear it. And I still don’t. One thing I have learned and was reminded from this site is that we honestly never know what will happen and we need to live each day to its fullest. They say cats have nine lives, and she may have used one up, but she still has 8 left! We will be pawsative and she will keep kicking with her good back leg!

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We adopted Selina Kyle (AKA Cat Woman) when she was 8 weeks old, but we met her at our neigbors's house when she was about 3 weeks old. They are fosters for the local SPCA. She was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma about a week and half after she started to limp and surgery was performed that day.

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  1. Awwwww Selina you sweetie, I can tell that none of what the vet said bothers you and you will definitely make the most of every moment you have on this earth.

    Lynn, you TOTALLY have the right frame of mind. I can appreciate that your oncologist was brutally honest, as a vet should be, but we have seen these stories play out in so many unique, unexpected and beautiful ways. You just never know what will happen and all any of us can do is to focus on the Here and Now, instead of trying to control the future. Selina won’t do it, and she is proud that you won’t either.

    And the Pet Parent of the Year Award goes to …. YOU!

    1. Thank you! This has definitely a whirlwind month (only a month! in two days we will be at one month post-op!),from thinking she had a little sprain from being tossed into a chair to having aggressing osteosarcoma to being a tripod. She is an amazing girl, and this is such a wonderful community!

  2. I’m sure you charm everyone you meet pretty girl! One look at your pictures and my heart is melting ❤

    Selina has no worries about the tomo. She’s just enjoying flowing effortlessly from one moment to the next. And she certainly does NOat jave a timeframe stamped anywhere on her cute kitty butt!! Take a look. No timeeframe stamped anywhere, right!

    We’re cheering for you Selina!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Welcome to you and Selina!
    I’m sorry you had to join and Osteosarcoma at 2! Wow. Here I thought Purrkins was young he was 6 when diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma on his wrist. Osteo in cats behaves differently than in dogs which is good! Keep up your check up’s and have HOPE! Pray if you pray;) !!You may never see it again, and Selina has a normal lifespan. That is our hope. Don’t let that c-word rule your life! It’s gone & you will be watching to ensure it stays gone. Enjoy every single day; each one is a treasured gift regardless.

    Purrkins is 2 years and 7 months post-op, and he does excellent on three legs. We do checkup’s every six months we all dread it, but hopefully, if something would creep back up, we can help them.

    Selina is a beautiful Tuxedo kitty!
    Scratches and smooches to Selina, please!
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

    1. We just reached 1 yr today! WOOT! Osteo in cats behaves very differently in cats than dogs, so while we have been told her life will be “shortened” we know it is longer than it would have been and we are very happy about that! She is a little slower at times, but mostly is unfazed by being a tripawd!

      She LOVES her smooches and scratches! So we will give her plently <3
      Lynn (and Selina)

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