One year post-op

It’s been one year today since Selina had her surgery to remove her rear right leg and she remains CANCER-FREE!  We have continued with follow-ups (as often as we could) and her next one is in March. Although we work to help her lose weight, she continues to love her food and her weight has not changed. So far the doctors (oncologist and her regular vet) are fine that she has been “ridiculously stable” for the past year.

The girls


She jumps and runs and tries to play with the other cat (the other cat just looks at her like she is a nut). She is a sweetie and whenever it’s time to go for a checkup, they all fall in love with her, which is great, because she has broken my heart during the car ride over. She never enjoyed car rides, but in the last year she has gotten MUCH more vocal about about her displeasure of being cooped up. Ultimately, I know the reason she is going is for the best. We need to know she continues to have a good prognosis.

Selina has had another birthday and is now 3. She has confidence and doesn’t even notice that she only has three legs. Recently, I was playing with her and “Across the Universe” by The Beatles came on. The lyrics very much hit me: “Pools of sorrow, waves of joy / Are drifting through my open mind… Nothing’s gonna change my world.” While my world felt flipped upside down, and bills grew, and concerns of her well-being never fully settled, look at her: she hasn’t changed. She is the same silly, goofy, loving, sweet, mischievous, girl we fell in love with when we met her as a tiny kitten. In her eyes, nothing has changed. So with “Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns / And calls me on and on across the  universe”

Bird Watching